Winter holidays are credited with inspiring goodness and encouraging many people to think about others.

Many of us strive to "dig deep" in search of the "perfect" gift for the special people in our lives. This year, we searched for gifts that offer multi-dimensional benefits. Benefits that extend to more than the recipient. When you purchase the gift, the recipient of your gift is endowed with your generosity but so is the manufacturer, who benefits from the sale of their product. And in some cases, you benefit.

Read on. There's something for every budget - including free:

1) Krochet Kids in Peru - Buy a hat/change a life. It's like "knitting it forward"

2) Kickstarter is a funding platform for great ideas. YOU get to choose which ideas support your goals and "kick it forward" with your financial support

3) Sacred Vally Project - school for indigenous girls in the highlands of Peru where girls gain more than an education by attending a school funded by your donations. Even $5. Tax-deductible means you win too.

4) Thanking of You - a website where YOU can generate your own heartfelt message to thank a person or a charitable organization - for free! Your message helps spread the word about the good work of your favorite organization.

5) Virginia Beach Friends School - non-profit, private school serving the needs of all economic classes of children in Tidewater. Since 1955, this school has served the community and deserves your financial support. Donations are tax-deductible.

Want to add voluntourism or a small service project on your trip to Peru?  Contact Adios Adventure Travel. We can work it in to your travel itinerary.