Cancellation & Refunds

We guarantee that we will not cancel any confirmed booking. You can reserve any hike, guided tour, or activity with confidence.
It's customary for some operators to confirm your reservation for a group tour or hike with the understanding that if they don't get enough people to sign up, they can cancel your reservation. This makes it hard for you to make decision when booking flights and hotels that revolve around your tour or hike. Adios Adventure Travel guarantees that we will not cancel your tour or hike.

The only circumstance in which a tour or hike would be canceled is if you do not pay the full amount as agreed upon, or if a natural or man-made disaster, strike, or other event out of our control were to occur. In this case, we would endeavor to offer an alternative activity as long as changes will not affect the safety of any travelers, guides or local staff.

For bookings made with Adios Adventure Travel to Peru, Ecuador, or Bolivia more than 60 days in advance of arrival, our booking and cancellation policies are:  (see below for policies regarding Chile)

**Not applicable to Inca Trail permits and non-refundable advance purchases. See below for details.

 > 30% deposit and domestic airfare fees (if applicable) required at time of booking

> Cancellations after any booking: retention of full deposit*

> 46-60 days before departure: 50% of total price retained*

> 45 days or less: 100% of price retained

Trips that include any Inca Trail hike have a separate cancellation policy for the hike:
No portion of the cost of Inca Trail hikes can be refunded, transferred, or cancelled at any time due to Machu Picchu National Park regulations. The full amount of the reservation will be charged.

*Non-refundable Advance Purchases:
Non-refundable non-transferrable items purchased by Adios Adventure Travel prior to cancellation will be added to the retained amount if the cost of such purchases is greater than the retained amount listed above, such as airfare.

Cancellations for bookings made less than 60 days in advance of arrival will retain 100% of price. Cancellations must be in writing at the following email address: ( You must receive a reply by email in order for the cancellation to be valid. If you notify us of your cancellation and we do not reply, the cancellation is not in effect and you are responsible for all fees as per the original agreement. In case email problems are encountered, please contact us by phone: 757-714-6649.


 For bookings made with Adios Adventure Travel to Chile more than 60 days in advance of arrival, our booking and cancellation policies are: 

> 50% deposit required at time of booking

> Cancellations after any booking: retention of full deposit

> 90 to 60 days before departure: 60% of total price retained

> Less than 59 days: 100% of price retained

Trips in Chile are subject to weather conditions. The crew will do their best to safely complete all scheduled activiites. Cancellations will only happen if both of the following conditions are met: 1 - weather conditions are not suitable for a safe activity using the criteria as set by the guides, and 2 - at least 2 reliable weather forecasters produce the same forecast. Guides will monitor the situation and make the proper arrangements to continue if the weather improves and there is enough time to complete part or all of the activitiy. Trips cancelled due to weather will not be refunded in any way.

Other circumstances in which Adios has the right to retain 100% of price include:

> Customer injury requiring evacuation or showing signs of exhaustion, dehydration, or hypothermia

> Customer intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

> When a relevant authority so provides

Adios Adventure Travel & it's agents or representatives are not responsible for accidents, illness, injuries, or any additional expenses incurred, including hotel accommodations, meals, additional transportation costs etc, as a result of unexpected changes in your trip due to a change in airline scheduling, cancellation of flights, bad weather, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, floods or adverse weather conditions, epidemics, or health risks. It is strongly recommended that each participant purchase travel insurance from a provider of their choice or use ours (World Nomads Insurance). Cancellation policy subject to change without notice.


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